How to Prevent Senile Dementia?

Senile dementia is a disease caused by degeneration of brain cells.
It affects memory and cognitive functions and usually occurs with elderly people over 60 years of age, but can also affect younger people. Alzheimer’s disease is one type of dementia.

When we were young, we hardly thought of going senility. But when reaching the age 40 or older, we will start feeling senility. There’re simple habits for elderly people to improve the brains ability for a healthy and happy life.


1. Keep exercising

According to some research, walking for 3 kilometers on a daily basis may reduce the possibility of causing senile dementia by 30% for elderly people.  It’s even better to do exercise three times a week (45 minutes each time), which may stimulate the brain and cardiovascular function very well.

Exercise is not only good for physical health, but also keeps you away from depression or melancholy.

swimming-health-cheerful -joyful-happy-relax

2. Keep reading and learning

By reading a novel, the brain would be trained to think and guess what will happen.  Learning something new would be great, such as learning languages, musical instrument, painting or fine arts.  Playing quizz games, puzzles, crosswords, mah jong, or sodoku at home are also good for brain activity.

Some research indicates that people who watching TV at home four hours each day would live a shorter life than those who watching TV two hours each day.  Keep moving or doing something will stimulate the brain and also have interaction with people.


3. Keep working

Find something you can do and you like to do, not for making money.  To prove yourself and have confidence is important in elderly life.

4. Keep making plans

Any plan is good to keep you busy, anticipating what will come next.  Therefore, life will be full of possibilities.


5. Keep interaction with people

Going to church or social activities, travelling, and making friends are good for mental health and keep elderly people lively and young-minded.

6. Eat fish

Fish is a source of protein which can regenerate brain cells.  Some types of fish such as salmon and sardines contain omega 3 which is very good for the development of brain cells.




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