Feng Shui for Good Health

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Feng Shui is an ancient science originated in China thousands of years ago, for positioning a building and inhabitants in a way that is thought to harmonize the energy of the environment to bring good health, fortune, and prosperity.  Some people may consider Feng Shui as superstition.  However I would rather believe it as true if it’s not difficult to follow.  To focus on health, there are some points about Feng Shui that we could follow if possible:

  • Living in a high floor is not good.

Staying far from the Earth’s magnetic field and absorbing too much solar energy, the human body would become thermalized. It would cause the nervous system dysfunction and make us more restless and have sleeping problem.

If you live in a high floor, you may grow some plants and set up curtains for improvement.

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  • Be cautious to use electric appliances.

Strong electromagnetic field has negative influence on our health.  The neighborhood of high voltage power plant and pylon is not good to reside.  Although the household electric appliances have much less electromagnetic waves, we should be aware of stronger electromagnetic waves of some appliances such as the blender, vacuum cleaner, and the hair dryer.

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  • bodybuilding, morning, good mood, healthy.

A house lacking sunlight would be humid and moldy, which is absolutely not good for health.  In respect of mentality, brightness and sunlight could bring about happy feelings.

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  • No stereo equipment on the bedside cabinet.

We stay at the bedroom at least 6~8 hours a day and therefore should not put any electric appliances at the bedroom if possible.  Some research proves that electric appliances would disturb the growing of human brain cells.

  • Good air circulation.

Use the electric fans to enhance air circulation.  Fresh air makes people more energetic in high spirits, and is good for health.

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  • Natural air cleaner.

Grow some plants in the house.  The plants could balance the temperature and air flow in the house, bringing comforts physically and visually.

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  • Keep the rooms neat and clean.

It’s important to allow us walking around in the house without obstructions.  According to Feng Shui, the environment is full of “Chi”, the invisible energy in our surroundings and in our body.  Messy or dirty rooms would not bring harmonious “Chi” to people who live in.  Physically and mentally they would receive negative effects such as allergy reaction, sleeping problem, irritation, and depression at the worst.

  • Too much miscellaneous stuff in the room is not OK.

Teddy bears or other decorations could be relaxing and comforting.  However, too much stuff will have an adverse effect.  “Chi” is weakened in such an environment day after day.

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